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    About us

    Welcome to our international translation agency

    Linguist24 was founded in 1991 by several immigrants from the former Soviet countries, i.e. Ukraine, Russia and Poland.

    First as international forum for communication now as linguistic and educational online centre, we have been striving to provide services to our customer of the best possible qualities.

    As for now there 3 offices in Ukraine, the USA and Poland where one can get any document translated into 15 different languages, web resources to be localized into 11 languages and apply for 11 foreign language courses in Chicago, Kiev and Warsaw.

    The centre includes 24 (the real origin of the title) translators (all people are properly certified and professional translators) in-house, and a lot of more freelance based. However, we mostly emphasize on our own strength, meaning, that all the incoming translating projects are being managed and performed by in-house personnel in order to avoid delays, doubtful quality and simply high costs when cooperating with freelance translators.

    As the matter of fact we are able to offer our translating services for the lowest prices. We use the oldest but rather the closest for us system of statistics – we take paid by 1800 printed characters i.e. per page; no words, no hourly labor compensation.

    Note all the prices are given per page, see the next tab “Prices\Quotes”

    Our services:

    1. Translation

    We regularly undertake assignments to translate

    •  Email
    •  Patents
    •  Contracts
    •  Brochures
    •  Legal documents
    •  World Wide Web sites
    •  Business correspondence
    •  Technical and user manuals
    •  Journal Articles and Reports
    •  Advertising and marketing copy
    •  Service Manuals & Instruction Leaflets

    2. Localization (both web and software)

    •  HTML translation (Text, Meta Tags, Alt Tags)
    •  Flash files
    •  CGI/Java/Perl translation
    •  Single Byte/Double Byte conversion
    •  Database translation
    •  Local search engine submission and reporting
    •  Program Source Code (C, C++, Visual Basic, Java etc.)
    •  Help files (Online / Printed)
    •  Software Components (Dialogue Boxes, Menus, Strings)
    •  RTF/HDJ Files
    •  Resource files (RC/DLG)
    •  Program Files (DLL/EXE)
    •  CNT/ReadMe Files
    •  Screens / Hot Keys
    •  Manuals (Body text, Index Markers, Callout text, Screen captures)
    •  Collateral Material (Quick reference cards, packaging, CD labels, promotional material.

    3. Check-Up or Proof-reading

    International linguistic checking makes sure the words you use are appropriate to the audience you are addressing - in their native language.